Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Character of the Month - Mike Wazowski

This blog post is the first of a set of blog posts that will be titled 'Character of the Month'.

Mike Wazowski is a character that stands out for me after I watched the film 'Monsters University'.

To give a bit of background information, Monsters University is a film about how Mike and Sully met for the first time at University. They both have dreams to become a scarer however, it is soon evident that Mike's passion to achieve his dreams is a lot stronger than Sully's who is a more relaxed and less focused type of character.

The reason why Mike stands out to me so much is because of his determination, work ethic and will-power. Even when everyone around him labels him as a loser, Mike continues to work hard and always proves them wrong.

At the beginning of the film, he sees with his own eyes the work of a scarer, and from that moment on he focuses all his time on studying so that he can get into Monster's University and become a scarer.

I feel extremely inspired by Mike every time I watch that film as it reminds me that one should never let other people's opinions define them. Mike worked endlessly and didn't waste a single minute.

It is from this film that I developed my own motive in life which is to work hard now and enjoy later. The meaning behind this is that if one works hard now and spends quality time studying and working, later in life they can enjoy their life.

I would definitely recommend watching Monsters University which I feel has a fantastic message for children and is extremely entertaining!

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